5.5. Statuses

5.5.1. Status List

There are three ways to get transaction statuses:

  1. Using redirect_url request parameter
    This is the URL the Customer will be redirected after 3DS transaction is processed with the status of the operation and it is not used if the transaction goes through non-3DS process. Please note that the cardholder will be redirected in any case, no matter whether the transaction is approved or declined.
    You should not use this parameter to retrieve results from ConnPay gateway, because all parameters go through client’s browser and can be lost during transmission.
  2. API status request
    Merchant may use Order status API call to get the customer’s order transaction status.
    After any type of transaction is sent to ConnPay server and order id is returned, Merchant should pull for transaction status. When transaction is processed on ConnPay server side it returns it’s status back to Merchant and at this moment the Merchant is ready to show the customer transaction result, whether it’s approved or declined.
    It is recommended to pull the status every 3-5 seconds for the first 5 minutes, then continue requests for up to an hour once in 5-10 minutes. After it is better to wait for a callback (if it is set up in the endpoint or sent via API).
  3. Using server_callback_url or notify_url request parameter
    This is URL the transaction result will be sent to. It might be used for custom processing of the transaction completion, e.g. to collect sales data in Merchant’s database.
    See more details at Merchant Callbacks.


These methods are the only possible ways to get transaction status

Status Description
approved Transaction is approved, final status
declined Transaction is declined, final status
error Transaction is declined but something went wrong, please inform your account manager, final status
filtered Transaction is declined by fraud internal or external control systems, final status
processing Transaction is being processed, you should continue polling, non final status
unknown The status of transaction is unknown, please inform your account manager, non final status
chain_declined Transaction is declined in a cascading chain, non final status
* after reconciliation transaction status could be changed even if transaction is in final status
** if transaction status haven’t been changed for one hour something went wrong, please stop polling and inform your account manager
*** some APIs provide additional transaction statuses, if you’ve receive unlisted transaction status please inform your account manager

5.5.2. 3-D Secure Status List

Value Description
UNKNOWN Verification have not been performed

5.5.3. Random Sum Check Status List

Value Description
AUTHENTICATED The customer has entered correct random sum
NOT_AUTHENTICATED The customer has entered incorrect random sum
UNSUPPORTED The customer has not entered random sum
UNKNOWN Verification have not been performed